About us

BeachHuts4Hire.co.uk was set up in 2009 by friends Nick Claydon and David Cope. Both had grown up by the sea and had spent some good times in family beach huts. Beach huts can be a great base for spending time by the sea, providing a meeting place and focal point, with shelter from the sun or rain if required and storage for items that are impractical to carry.

It was noticed that local people seemed to have trouble advertising their beach huts for sale and also that local schemes to hire beach huts did not appear to be widely recognised. The idea for BeachHuts4Hire.co.uk was then born with the web site being a way for people to sell beach huts and source beach huts.

Although Suffolk based, it was also decided to provide coverage for resorts throughout the UK. One advantage of this is that it allows people to arrange the hire of beach huts at their holiday location before arrival at their chosen resort.

We hope that people find the site useful and that the use of beach huts increases, enabling more people to enjoy safe and stress free time at the seaside!