Sale FAQs

Welcome to our Beach Huts for Sale FAQs!

Beach huts are an iconic feature of seaside towns and are much loved by locals and visitors alike. They offer a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, and provide a unique and charming addition to any beachfront property.

The beach huts on our website are available for purchase and offer a range of benefits, including a private and secure storage space for your beach essentials, a place to change into and out of swimwear, and a shelter from the elements.

In this FAQ guide, we'll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about buying a beach hut.

Have a look at our beach huts for sale page and have a look at the beach huts on there. On the beach hut details page, you can then click an "Enquire about this hut" button which will allow you to fill in a form and send directly to the beach hut owner, who can then reply with any questions you may have.

No, all enquiries are sent directly to the beach hut owner who will then reply to you directly to you to discuss your enquiry.

Once you have added your beach hut, we will check your entry and put it live on our website. This process can take 1-3 working days depending on demand.

We pass all enquiries directly onto the beach hut owner who should then reply directly. There are some occasions where they have sold their hut and have not told us and then do not reply to any enquiries.

Please ensure you enter your contact details correctly as well as there are some occasions where the beach hut owner can not reply due to typos  in the contact details by the person who enquired.

If you have not had a response, please contact us